The Wellness Program at Cottonwood Court is a partnership between the Cottonwood Court team, residents, families, physicians and outside health care providers. Wellness means better living and focuses on our commitment to the health and well-being of each of our residents. Our Wellness Program consists of the following components:

  • Licensed nurses on staff 24 hours per day who specialize in diabetic management and clinical oversight of our residents on a daily basis.
  • Vital signs and body weights are recorded monthly or as needed.
  • Special diets low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar are available upon request or when ordered by a physician.
  • Our team members coordinate with outside agencies to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and hospice services to our residents on site at Cottonwood Court.
  • As part of our total wellness program, Cottonwood Court is proud to present the Dakim Brain Fitness Program. Keeping our brains sharp is something we all want to do and is an important part of total health and wellness. Cognitive stimulation can reduce the risk of dementia by as much as 63%.
  • Physical exercise such as sit-n-be-fit, walking club, Tai Chi and Theraband classes are conducted several times a week.
  • Guest speakers from the outside community are scheduled on such topics as fall prevention, healthy eating, brain fitness and more.
  • Spiritual health and wellness is also a priority for some Cottonwood Court residents. Our community offers non-denominational church services, Catholic communion and various Bible study groups for those choosing to participate.